Welcome Bestie!

Do you have a million questions about running?

Dreading that race you signed up for?

Wondering how you’re ever going to complete 13.1 miles (or, gulp, 26.2)?

Struggling with that same sore [enter muscle here]?

Is running the first thing that you give up when life gets busy?

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I got you.

I created my Besties coaching group to:

• Answer all your questions.

• Help you feel race ready.

• Train your body to go the distance (literally).

• Add accountability so it’s easier to make yourself — and your runs — a priority.

When you become a Bestie, the first thing that will happen is you’ll get an email from me setting up a time for us to chat — about your runs, goals, upcoming races and anything else related to your runs that you’re dealing with.

After that, you’ll receive a training program that’s specific to you — your goals, your schedule and most importantly, your body.

In addition to the usual mileage and speed workouts, you’ll also get customized workouts to improve strength, increase flexibility and make you a healthier and stronger runner.

And you’ll get a pretty kickass shirt (of your choice) from the YBR shop.

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[gameshow voice]

But there’s more!

Being a Bestie also comes with access to a private Facebook group of your fellow Besties

That’s where I host weekly coaching calls on common topics like pace, mindfulness and recovery, and answer any questions that you have.

When you become a Bestie, you’ll have an experienced coach and fellow runner in your corner ready to listen, answer questions and celebrate your BEST runs!

Last year, I asked runners to take a chance on me — a fellow “slow” runner with a ton of knowledge to spare and the dream of being the coach I myself wanted.

I had a hunch that holistic training, which incorporated not just our bodies but our minds and hearts too, would help runners like me bust plateaus and bring our runs to another level.

And it did.

Amy struggled with getting her pace back after having kids. Not only did she blast through her previous half-marathon time with a PR that was 10 minutes faster than before, but she did it on her own after the race was canceled.

Now Amy helps inspire others by being a pacer in local races. Yaaaassss Amy!

Kasee wasn’t sure how fast she could run — but she flew up and down the hills of California’s Dry Creek Valley for 13.1 miles.

Kasee coasted to a blistering PR of 17 minutes — without even seeing the diamond ring her boyfriend had in his pocket at the finish line.

Congratulations, Kasee!

Kirsten was told that she hadn’t run enough to qualify for Boston — but she finished the Chicago Marathon with a 24-minute PR and minutes to spare on her qualifying time and without running more than 40 miles a week, preventing the injuries she’s had in the past. Look for Kirsten’s signature blonde braids on Patriots Day in 2020!

Ready to become a Bestie?

Runners who trained with me took an average of 13 minutes off their half-marathon times.

Even I think that’s kind of crazy. But I love crazy.

If you’re ready to invest in your dreams,

I’m here for you.

And so are all your other Besties.

As a reminder, here’s what you’ll get:

  • A custom training program made just for you

  • Weekly coaching calls with your fellow Bestie runners

  • Monthly 1-on-1 coaching calls

  • An awesome tank to train in

  • Exclusive Facebook access to me where you can ask questions, complain and, of course, celebrate your best runs!

I offer a money-back guarantee for the first month so you have nothing to lose.

If you pay for coaching and aren’t satisfied, I’ll refund your $99.

I’ll also apologize, figure out what went wrong and do my darndest to make your experience better. Promise!

Got questions? I got answers!