What is Your Best Run?

Online run coaching that works. And fun shirts!

Who’s behind Your Best Run?

Hi, I’m Meghan. I’m a RRCA certified coach and four-time marathoner who knows what it’s like to be passed every time she goes on a run. I created Your Best Run to help runners of all abilities become better athletes and enjoy their lives.

How is your training different?

Training for your unique body matters.

That’s why I create a custom plan for every runner I work with. My training plans include the typical long runs and speedwork but also include yoga, strength training and mindfulness.

Our holistic approach is what gets really f*cking amazing results.

I’m not sure this is for me.

I’m slow.

We need to stop calling ourselves slow. But, if you insist on defining yourself by pace, our runners range from a 7-minute-mile to a 13-minute-mile.

What’s included in your coaching programs?

Every runner that trains with us receives a custom training plan that works for their schedule, goals and race.

I offer two programs: group coaching (Besties) and individual coaching (BFFs).

Both coaching programs include:

  • A custom training program made just for you

  • Weekly coaching calls with your fellow Bestie runners

  • Monthly 1-on-1 coaching calls

  • Exclusive Facebook access to me where you can ask questions, complain, and of course celebrate your best runs!

When you become my Bestie or BFF, you’ll get tools, training and support to be at your personal best. Guaranteed.*

How do I get started?

I like your enthusiasm! If you know coaching is for you, learn more about becoming a Bestie or BFF here.

Not ready for coaching yet? Join our FREE Facebook group, sign up for our newsletter or read our blog.

Do you offer group runs?

No - we do the majority of our training virtually.

But our runners do travel to races together and celebrate together afterward. With lots of wine. 😊

Still have questions?