I’m so glad you are considering coaching.

I offer two options: Become a Bestie and Be My BFF.

Both coaching programs include:

  • A custom training program made just for you

  • Weekly coaching calls with your fellow Bestie runners

  • Monthly 1-on-1 coaching calls

  • Exclusive Facebook access to me where you can ask questions, complain, and of course celebrate your best runs!

Become a Bestie is right for you if:

  • You want accountability

  • You want a cheerleader

  • You want a problem-solver

  • You want positive running friends that truly support you

  • BUT you don’t need to talk to your coach every week

Be My BFF is right for you if all those things are true AND:

  • You can’t pass up any VIP experience (I mean, who wants to?)

  • You know that accountability is THE reason you aren’t succeeding at your goals

  • You want support on a weekly basis

  • You have SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. about your running

  • Your mantra is: Treat yourself!


Meet #AccidentallyHardcore - ladies I travel with to a half-marathon every year.

Meet #AccidentallyHardcore - ladies I travel with to a half-marathon every year.

When you become my Bestie or BFF, you’ll get tools, training and support to be at your personal best. Guaranteed.*


If you pay for coaching and aren’t satisfied, I’ll refund the first month. I’ll also apologize, figure out what went wrong, and do my darndest to make your runs better.