Meghan took 1000 steps back and asked me about my values, goals, and lifestyle before designing a program. It made me feel listened to. I did not get sick or injured during training (which I’ve had issues with in the past), was able to have a kick at the end of my marathon (which I’ve never done before) and PRed by 24 minutes. I qualified for the Boston Marathon, which was a life dream of mine I did not expect to hit so soon.
— --Kirsten R., CA
Meghan was super knowledgeable, and I felt like my training program was designed specifically for me after discussing my goals with her.
— --Caitlin K., NY
The training plan has helped to keep me organized and accountable. I can easily look to see what I am supposed to accomplish for a given day and the week. It has also helped to STOP me from signing up for more than my body can handle. Since signing up with Meghan, I took 6+ minutes off my marathon PR and finished my first sub-two-hour half!
— --Jen T., PA
I was always skeptical of online coaching, whether it would be worth the money... Then I shaved 10.5 minutes off of my half marathon PR in 6 months. Definitely worth it, I’m sold!
— --Jen W., KY
In the past, I have usually just run and increased my long run miles each weekend. This plan incorporated different speeds and distances, as well as strength and cross training, which made it more interesting to complete!
— --Katy S., NH

Still not sure this is for you?

No worries.

Hiring a coach is a big step.

It can feel as intimidating as a marathon.

But I’m here for you.